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A. K. Stith ([personal profile] akstith) wrote2010-05-25 04:39 pm

Important Information

If you are reading this, you have probably stumbled upon an in-character youtube account or website I maintain for a roleplaying game I run.

These are not part of an alternate reality game. While these videos and HTML pages may contain codes and puzzles, much like those in an ARG, they are intended for a small group of players I know, and are created for in-game flavor.

You are welcome to solve any puzzles or codes in any of this material, but there will be no interaction with players who are not in my game. You will probably never get any resolution to any of the mysteries introduced in these files. You will probably never get any resolution to anything at all, nor any confirmation that you have correctly solved a puzzle if you have.

This is also a game I run for my friends. I am not currently looking for new players for it.

Thank you for your interest in my videos and webpages, however.

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